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Facility Management – Here’s all you need to know for a bright future

Facility Management – An overview

Facilities management comprises of an assortment of activities relevant to the efficient and effective delivery of support services in an organization. The facility manager ensures the seamless operation of people, systems, places, processes, and technology in the organization. While they are responsible for the daily operations of a facility, they also interact with the staff every day to increase productivity and efficiency. 

Growth of the FM industry 

At an incredible growth of 25% each year, facility management as an industry is booming in India. Infact, the Indian facility management market currently estimated at USD 8.1 billion is expected to exceed USD 60 billion by 2024 at a CAGR of 24%, which is 13% higher than the global trend. Some factors that can contribute to the growth of this industry are – commercial and real estate’s steady increase in the next few years, the inevitable population surge in the key Indian cities, businesses growing in tier 2 and 3 cities, growth of IT and banking sectors and other government initiatives. 

Education and the endless possibility of careers in Facility Management

The best way to become a facility manager is by acquiring the skills via an educational program that is focussed on enriching individuals. While you need to acquire a basic bachelor’s degree before you enhance your resume with a facility management postgraduate diploma, your specializations could be any one of the following – preferably in business, engineering, facility management, hotel management, or information management.

Acquiring these skills through a diploma in the specialization would help professionals and freshers to exhibit basic comprehension of facilities management, applying maintenance systems to the facilities they will be working in, improving financial budgeting like allowing or restricting cash flow, deal with debtors of an organization, learning the environmental factors of the facility and the ethical responsibilities. 

A lot of professionals are now striving to be early adopters of this domain because the realization has struck about the endless possibilities of where an FM professional could work. Apart from the mega industries and workplaces like hospitality, airports, manufacturing, retail, etc, this career path also opens up possibilities to work in younger environments. All the coworking spaces, large IT companies, business parks, malls, etc are in the lookout for well-educated facility management professionals in exchange for high salaries. 

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