Ms. Keerthi D Souza

Ms. Keerthi D Souza is Sustainability Professional and is a “Green change maker awardee”, UN Hero Awardee, Best Sustainability awards team leader of CII for 2021, and has played a key role in bridging the gap between the business world and the community. She has spent over two decades in a variety of industries, including automotive, power, glass, food, software, facility management, transport, mining, hospitals, and institutions. She conceptualized the “Green think” concept and was instrumental in the execution of the Green Nurturing program in which through the Karnataka state pollution control board a link between businesses, and educational institutions was made and implemented in 100 schools in Mysore.

She has assisted hundreds of industries in the establishment, implementation, maintenance, and certification of various international standards related to Quality, Environment, Energy, Food Safety, Occupational health and safety, and asset management. Her most recent endeavor is the creation of ESG strategies, Sustainability reports, carbon reports, water audits, and community research initiatives.

She began her work almost two decades ago as an HSE consultant before moving on to become a lead assessor with CII-ITC for Sustainability Award and CAHO co-chair on the Research mentoring program and is a qualified Lead auditor for EOHS management system, Energy management system, Green Co-facilitator with CII and CAP 2.0 Assessor.